Generating DCPs in the Middle East


Gulf Film, a leading film distributor and exhibitor in the Middle East, has adopted CLIPSTER, DVS’s flagship DI (digital intermediate) workstation. For the first time, CLIPSTER will be responsible for creating DCPs (digital cinema packages) in the region.

As CLIPSTER can perform high-speed DCI Mastering processes, Gulf Film can now generate and process DCPs faster and more efficiently than ever. In doing so, all DI steps – which are typically spread across multiple products – can be created in one system. Thanks to the direct preview and test option, CLIPSTER lets users directly view and check DCPs created either on the system itself or on other systems. The DI workstation also lets professionals at Gulf Film edit films online, convert them into various output formats and perform colour corrections. At the same time, CLIPSTER® handles all resolutions, whether SD, HD, 2K or 4K.

On top of this decisive flexibility, Gulf Film also benefits from CLIPSTER’s extremely fast render pipeline that considerably accelerates their complex decoding and encoding steps. The DCI validation tool makes DCI workflows more user-friendly. CLIPSTER features extensive, easy-to-use DCP test functions enabling DCPs not only to be verified to ensure they comply with all DCI standards, but also to see if they can be played back on popular DCI players. Furthermore, the Gulf Film editors can make selective changes to every DCP validation parameter in CLIPSTER® to suit their respective test procedures.

Thanks to DVS’s own hardware processing, the creation of the final DCPs that, as a standard, are encoded as JPEG2000 files is carried out in double real-time speed. The built-in KDM management and spec validation tools ensure that DCPs sent across the country or across the world will provide reliable playback and faithful picture reproduction.

Alain Baradhi, Digital Lab Manager at Gulf Film: “For us, CLIPSTER excels thanks to its considerable flexibility and openness and by smoothly integrating into our workflows. We are enthusiastic about the system’s speed and reliability and are happy to make another mark in our region by implementing new DVS equipment.”


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