A ‘kaleidoscope’ of multiviewers


Miranda Technologies, a Belden Brand, has announced the installation of its Kaleido-
Modular multiviewers in CSP Mobile Productions’ new HD-2 (OB) outside broadcast
truck. Based in Saco, Maine, CSP specialises in sport and entertainment video
productions for regional and network clients and its 53-foot truck was most recently
deployed on behalf of ESPN for a season of Big East Conference NCAA basketball

Says CSP Mobile Productions president Len Chase: “We wanted a high-density unit
because the truck needed 52 multiviewers. We considered a number of options and
we had very specific needs regarding picture quality, energy efficiency and noise
levels. After Miranda visited us to show what they could do for HD-2 with Kaleido-
Modular, the decision was easy.’
Kaleido-Modular is a “multiviewer on a card’ and the densest quad-split multiviewer
available, ideal for production applications. CSP’s HD-2 truck benefits from Kaleido-
Modular’s small form factor, which provides the ability to build a total of 20 quad
splits using only 10 cards in a 3RU Densite frame.

Chase adds: “A key benefit for us is that because the modular frame is so quiet we
have mounted it in a rack close to our operators, which made cabling to monitors a
breeze. We’re also impressed with the Kaleido’s ability to rapidly lock onto the
appropriate format when an input format changes. Finally, even though we have a
highly customised control system for our under-monitor displays, tallies, router
switching and GPIs, Kaleido-Modular’s flexibility means that it works absolutely
seamlessly with our existing controls.’


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