European Commission’s broadcast intelligence solution


Following an inter-institutional tender process, the European Commission has
contracted with Civolution for its global broadcast intelligence solution Teletrax, which
combines cutting-edge watermarking technology and the Teletrax OnView plug-in.
This will provide the European Commission and European Parliament with advanced
tracking, reporting and visualisation of audio-visual material produced by the
European institutions and broadcast by television channels.

In this multi-year agreement, the European Commission will use the Civolution
solution to track 24/7 the usage of its video by a key group of 200 channels from the
27 EU Member States, countries outside the EU, and pan-European channels. The
videos monitored are produced by the European Commission’s and the European
Parliament’s audio-visual services, which supply up-to-the minute audio-visual news
coverage to media organisations around the world.

“With its wide breadth and down-to-the second accuracy, our Teletrax monitoring
solution enables content and rights holders organisations to better manage their
media assets. Our data has shown to be vital information for our clients to manage
their media output and help them make informed decisions. We believe that this
knowledge is a powerful tool to help the European Commission to precisely
understand reach across the various members states and beyond and make the
necessary adjustments to enhance distribution and usage,’’ said Andy Nobbs, CMO,

Civolution’s Teletrax Television Monitoring is the only global service offering a
combination of cutting-edge watermarking and fingerprinting technologies over the
world’s largest monitoring network. Teletrax monitors more than 2,000 channels
around the globe, across over 60 countries from monitoring stations in Europe, Asia,
the Middle East, South and Central America (including all 210 DMAs), and Canada.

All this broadcast intelligence is accessible to clients through a recently re-launched
online portal, which was developed based on client feedback. The new dashboard
allows for extensive user-customisation, and includes the Teletrax OnView plug-in,
which enables users to actually view the video as aired on selected TV stations. Along
with the richer, visually driven display of data, and insights which allow clients to
grasp at-a-glance the exact reach and usage of their content, clients can also have
access to new competitive analysis tools, such as content ‘retrotracking’. The
Teletrax’ retrotracking service delivers detailed reports on the reach of past events by
retroactively tracking the TV broadcast of those events.


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