Australian channel upgrades


ANC (Australian News Channel) has purchased a major upgrade for its Quantel
Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system, adding the latest V5 software and
Quantel’s connected workflow technology, QTube.

The upgrade expands ANC’s current Quantel system, adding a host of new editing,
workflow and management facilities enabling ANC to enhance and expand its services,
which include SKY NEWS National, SKY NEWS Business, SKY NEWS Weather, SKY
NEWS New Zealand and A-PAC Australia’s Public Affairs Channel.

ANC has purchased an extensive Quantel QTube system to allow remote video
journalists across Australia and New Zealand to access and edit content stored in a
central Sydney-based Enterprise sQ system using standard internet connectivity.

Angelos Frangopoulos, ANC CE, said, “Our Quantel Enterprise sQ system has served
us well for many years at the Australian News Channel, coping with everything we
have thrown at it as our operation has grown in scale and success. It was therefore a
natural choice to again look to the future with Quantel to continue giving us the
shortest time to air, fantastic usability and great performance. We’re also very
excited as to the possibilities that QTube brings to the ANC network; with QTube our
production facility will extend across all the countries we operate in.’

Quantel sales director, Martin Mulligan, said, “We are delighted that the Australian
News Channel has chosen once again to move forward with Quantel. Quantel QTube
is the perfect system for ANC, enabling its users to access and seamlessly combine
content from anywhere throughout ANC’s network.’


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