Major upgrade for Enterprise sQ


Quantel has released V5.2 software for Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production
systems. V5.2 is all about reinforcing Enterprise sQ’s position as the system of choice
for fast-turnaround production by further streamlining workflows and making editing
more flexible and even faster.

sQ Fileflow has a raft of new features which make it easier to configure complex
workflows thanks to its Service Oriented Architecture. New features include powerful
new Preset capabilities which enable users to set all the parameters in terms of file
formats, resolution and compression for sending media to third party playout servers
and archives, making it fast and easy to set up automated routines – and equally
simple to dynamically reconfigure them.

With audio loudness becoming mandatory for many broadcasters, editors need to be
able to monitor and adjust loudness easily. To give editors the flexibility they need,
Quantel now supports NUGEN Audio’s VisLM loudness metering software in the
Quantel editing and finishing workspace, allowing the user to monitor audio loudness
compliance simply and quickly. VisLM provides a comprehensive, ITU, ATSC and EBU
standard compliant way to measure, compare and contrast loudness during post-
production. The VisLM loudness meter also offers both realtime metering and a many
times faster than realtime analysis mode.

Editing flexibility is also boosted with support for many new acquisition formats,
including Sony SStP, Sony F65 and Go Pro Hero2.

In V5.2, editors can now name MLTFX effects modules to help with identification when
using multiple processes. V5.2 also gives users the ability to adjust audio levels
simultaneously across multiple tracks or to cut and paste audio transitions between
tracks or segments, reducing the number of key strokes. The release also adds a
range of new keyboard shortcuts: pressing keys is quicker than mousing to on-screen
buttons, and in news every fraction of a second counts.


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