New gyro-stabilised camera shooting system


Globally recognised as a European leader dedicated to the provision of dynamic imagery through aerial means for the broadcasting and the motion picture industry, ACS France has announced the Shotover K1 from Shotover as the latest addition to its aerial filming equipment range.

“By adding the Shotover K1 to its portfolio, ACS France brings a new innovative offer in equipment that consistently produces unique and inspiring images, be it aerial filming (Gyron SuperG2, Flying Cam), flying cameras on wire (Cablecam and Skycam) or tracking cameras with the PFC Ultimate Arm,’ says Luc Poullain, CEO of ACS France.

As the next generation gyro-stabilised camera system, Shotover K1’s innovative key features have received acclaim from aerial (DOPs) directors of photography. And for the first time, a passion-driven approach has created a community in which the most respected and experienced high tech engineers, pilots, directors and camera operators came together and pushed the boundaries of aerial filming.

“At last, 4K has the stability it deserves with Shotover K1,’ comments aerial DOP Jim Swanson. “Cineflex-type stability with a choice of cameras and lenses – I can’t wait to work with it.’

Aerial DOP Hans Bjerno adds: “Aerial cinematography is one of the few areas of the motion picture industry that has remained relatively unchanged for the past two decades. Shotover K1 makes possible an entirely new model for aerial shooting, not just for DOPs, but for producers, directors and production companies who are looking for a more agile system. I am extremely pleased to join the great team of investors behind this new product.’

“Shotover K1 delivers breathtaking, motion picture quality images in a package that’s portable, user friendly and flexible enough to allow aerial cinematographers to select the camera and lens configuration that best suits their particular shooting requirements,’ states aerial DOP David Nowell. “And not just on a project to project basis, but on an actual shot to shot basis, which means a production can capture the footage it needs in a shorter amount of time than has been traditionally possible.’


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