What’s hot at NAB? – ‘Routing’ the way


Lawo’s Nova73 compact and powerful router will enjoy its world premiere at NAB.
Standing only 7U high, it offers an outstanding routing and digital signal processing
capacity as well as the ability to function either as a stand-alone device or as a core for
the mc² series.

When combined with the new mc²56 mixing console in particular, the result is a tight
and potent package that satisfies perfectly the stringent demands placed on broadcast
mixers today.

The field of broadcast video is served by Lawo’s V_pro8 video processor, which was
developed for the live editing of video streams and routing. Exceptional performance, a
small footprint, and a talent for making things easy through intuitive operation are the
salient features of a 1U device offering frame synchronisation, format conversion, colour
correction, and audio de-embedding and metering, among other things. All signals can
be combined freely thanks to an 8×8 video and a 384×384 audio-router.

Screen Africa magazine – April 2013


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