Samsung collaborates with MultiChoice


At the recent Samsung Forum in in Cape Town, it was announced that Samsung
Electronics Africa and MultiChoice (owner of the DStv pay-TV platform) would work
together in three important areas, namely: joint marketing, product development and
sales, and distribution around Africa.

“If you look at the joint marketing point of view, there is a very natural partnership
for someone who provides content and someone who provides the devices upon which
that content can be played,’ says Mark Rayner, CEO of DStv Mobile who is working on
the Samsung collaboration.

“Samsung’s range of smart televisions, and what the company has done with
improving the picture quality and enhancing the viewer experience with various
innovations around the world, is exciting for us.’

“As far as product development is concerned, it is very early days,’ Rayner comments.
“What we have agreed on is to cooperate on marketing and sales distribution on a
preferred partner basis and we all have good intentions of doing that.’

Vice president and COO of Samsung Electronics Africa, George Ferreira, states: “As
Samsung we are excited to be collaborating with MultiChoice in these areas as we are
always looking for innovative ways to bring our value-added content and solutions to
our customers. Any marketing, products or channel initiatives will be in line with this
thinking and will be announced when relevant.’

Premium service

As DStv provides a premium service with premium content, a key part of that is the
user experience MultiChoice provides. “We’ve expanded our high definition offering
over the past few years. We see that as being very much part of our premium service
and Samsung has a wonderful range of high definition televisions,’ comments Rayner.

He notes that DStv is the biggest broadcaster of high definition programming in Africa
so there is a natural sales and marketing opportunity between the companies.
“Samsung sets provide great viewer experiences, whether it is sport or movies in high
definition from DStv.’


MultiChoice’s digital terrestrial television business called GoTV broadcasts occur from
land-based towers in cities in Africa. “The product proposition is different to DStv in
that it is a more affordable service, so our service is priced in local currency,’ remarks

He continues: “There is a new opportunity for a number of African households to
consider pay-television at an affordable price. Samsung covers all sectors of the
market from more premium to affordable television sets. So there is also an
opportunity to partner there.’

Rayner remarks that a broad Pan-African agreement has been signed to set up a few
principles but that execution will ultimately depend on each country working with their
local Samsung office to establish what works best for their market and for their
consumer base.

“That’s depending on what products Samsung want to push at the time and what
products the MultiChoice group wants to push at the time,’ adds Rayner.

Comments Ferreira: “This year we will continue to bring Samsung’s smart world to the
continent through our Built for Africa initiatives – across a diverse product range,
which include mobile, home appliances, IT, digital air solutions, etc. These products
have been well received from consumers and our focus is to continually improve on
these offerings.’


Rayner stresses that the ultimate goal of the agreement is to provide value around
content. “High definition television is best viewed on a high definition television set.
And the affordability of some of the Samsung TV sets in the lower end, particularly
regarding GoTV, is exciting for our content product.’

He concludes: “We very much want to see where the agreement takes us in the
coming year and we will go from there. I think we have two successful companies and
product road maps, etc. So where they align there will be opportunity for mutual

“Exact value propositions can’t be discussed at this stage,’ says Ferreira, “Rather,
this collaboration highlights that both parties are open to exploring the possibilities
and opportunities that such a partnership will bring now and into the future.’

Screen Africa magazine – April 2013


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