Moeggeploeg dishes up the laughs


A new South African comedy series, Moeggeploeg, starts in April on pay-operator M-
Net’s kykNET. Moeggeploeg, also the name of the establishment that the locals
frequent in the series, focuses on the lives of regular visitors to this popular watering
hole outside Ottoshoop in the North West province.

Although Moeggeploeg attracts other customers over weekends, the series closely
follows the Vorster family as they prepare for their daily clientele mostly consisting of
“porch farmers’. Of course, when guests arrive at Moeggeploeg, the locals are unable
to hide their excitement as very little else happens in the district…

While Vlok and Vlekkie Vorster (played by comedy stalwarts Ben Kruger and Rina
Nienaber, respectively) try to run a smooth operation, the sexy but naive Lulu (Hanna
Grobler) tries her best at waitressing. She also excels at flirting with Myburgh Cilliers
(Chris van Rensburg), a young, technologically savvy dairy farmer. Myburgh is
affectionately known as the “techno farmer’ because he is never without his laptop,
cellphone or iPod as he runs his parents’ computerised dairy farm, mostly from

Myburgh’s attention is only distracted when Vlok and Vlekkie’s daughter, Glenda,
visits Moeggeploeg. The young farmer – and everyone else for that matter – can’t
help but notice the blonde, rock and roll biker chick, played by Leandie du Randt (who
was recently cast in the new South African feature film, Die Windpomp).

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, chef Zoutevis (played by Jan Engelen) has been living
in South Africa for the past 19 years, but still speaks in a strong Dutch accent –
especially when the going gets tough behind the pots and pans.

Regulars Dier Olivier (Marcel van Heerden) who is a barber and Uncle Kalfie Sonnekus
(Cobus Visser), known as the ultimate “porch farmer’, spend all their free time at
Moeggeploeg – which is most of the time.

With some of South Africa’s best comedy talent and guest appearances from actors
such as Paul Luckhoff (The Quiet Man), Pierre Breytenbach (Pocket) and Amor Tredoux
(Flea), Moeggeploeg is bound to be as successful on kykNET as its counterparts in the
same genre.

Moeggeploeg was directed by Bromley Cawood, and produced by Rina Nienaber and
Dick Voorendyk. The series was shot on location at Santini’s Dance Bar in Roodepoort,

The first episode airs on Monday 8 April 2013.

By Martie Bester

Screen Africa magazine – April 2013


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