Virtual studio solutions


At NAB 2013 in April in Las Vegas, Hybrid will demonstrate its line of tracked and trackless virtual studio solutions. Already a powerful system, Krypton’s real-time 3D engine can be coupled with Hybrid’s Chrome compact, broadcast robotic jib to make it even more precise. Using a Krypton system, the company will present a photo-realistic virtual set within its NAB booth this year.

Among Krypton’s new features are shaders such as bump mapping and automatic depth of field; multi-layering ability and a new 3D effects module.

Unlike other virtual studio solutions, there is zero audio or video delay when Krypton is used in conjunction with Hybrid robotic systems. It can also interface to all third party motion tracking devices. Krypton can also import 3D models, including geometry, textures, shaders and lights from all major 3D modeling software. It supports an unlimited number of pre-recorded video files and HD/SD live video insertion.

New for Hybrid’s trackless virtual set, Neon has the ability to shoot in remote locations for the same production. Neon is based upon the same core engine as the higher-end Krypton system, but it allows for virtual camera movements in real-time from fixed cameras on set. It requires only a PC and software and operates with a simple drag-and-drop process. It creates the illusion of sophisticated camera moves within a virtual set without use of a tracking system, chroma keyer or other accessories – this allows Neon to be a fully portable virtual studio system. Neon can import 3D scenes and models from all common modeling software, such as 3D Max, Maya, Softimage.


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