Kenyan movie screens in US


The Kenyan crime drama, Nairobi Half Life, which was Kenya’s selection for the Best Foreign Language Oscar in 2012, making it just the second film from Kenya to be entered into the race, screens in 46 cinemas in the US for one day only.

The movie, directed by David Tosh Gitonga, shows on Thursday 21 March 2013 across the US. After seeing the film, audiences at each venue will vote whether it should receive a one-week theatrical release at the relevant theatre.

This initiative is courtesy of The Feature Film Project initiative and filmmakers can submit their films to be considered for this voting process.

Nairobi Half Life is a co-production project between One Fine Day Films (founded by German filmmaker Tom Tykwer [Run Lola, Run, Perfume, Cloud Atlas] and Marie Steinmann) with the goal of promoting and supporting filmmaking for aspiring filmmakers in Kenya, and Nairobi-based production house Ginger Ink.

The movie made its world premiere at the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa in 2012, where star Joseph Wairimu won the Best Actor Award.

Visit for all the participating cities and theatres, as well as screening times.

Watch the trailer at


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