Film explores horrors of rhino poaching


As part of the recent Jozi Film Festival (JFF) wildlife documentary, The Last Rhino, screened at Villa Arcadia in Parktown on Saturday 16 February.

The screening was followed by a Q&A with Johan Hull, Johannesburg-born Al Jazeera correspondent, who produced and presented the 54-minute documentary.

Directed by Cliff Bestall, The Last Rhino explores the greed, ignorance and corruption that have made South Africa the “chosen destination’ of rhino poaching.

“Somewhere in South Africa, a rhino dies in savage, agonising circumstances almost every day, slaughtered for horns that have no proven use or worth outside the traditional medicine markets of Asia. Over there, rhino horn, which has been valued for centuries as a cure for headaches, is now believed to cure cancer,’ said Hull.

“The Last Rhino begins with a mother’s improbable survival and ends with her giving birth. Amid tragedy, a calf is born. Life continues. But if there is an uplifting end to the rhinos’ story, then it has yet to be written’

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Picture courtesy of Matthew Cassel / Al Jazeera.


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