HD intergrated cameras


Panasonic Corporation released the HD integrated cameras, AW-HE60S, AW-
HE60H and AW-HE2 in December 2012. The AW-HE60S and AW-HE60H are the
first cameras capable of IP image monitoring.

The new AW-HE60S and HE60H HD integrated cameras are equipped with a 1/3
type Full-HD MOS sensor and 18x optical zoom lens. Multiple HD/SD format
signals can be outputted. The video output interfaces include HD/SD SDI output
(AW-HE60S only); HDMI digital video output supporting the 1 080p output (AW-
HE60H only); analogue component (D-sub15 pin) output; and analogue
composite output.

They incorporate the dynamic range stretch (DRS) function to minimise saturation
in highlights and blocking in dark areas and the hybrid digital noise reduction
(Hybrid DNR) function for suppressing after images even in dimly lit situations.
They are also equipped with an infrared “Night mode’ for shooting at night or in
dark places. Furthermore, they incorporate mechanisms for panning of ±175
degrees and tilting between 90 and -30 degrees and preset memories for 100

Alternatively, the AW-HE2 is a low-cost model that incorporates a 1/2.33 type,
14-megapixel MOS sensor and the ultra-high resolution technology to achieve
approximately 2x “iA’ zoom. Electronic pan/tilt/zoom controls are possible by
image cropping. It is equipped with a preset memory for up to nine points. It
also features HDMI terminals and can output multiple HD/SD format signals
supporting the Full-HD progressive output (1 080p).

The AW-HE60S and HE60H can be remotely controlled in serial mode from the
remote control panel (AW-RP50) that has been designed for Panasonic’s HD
integrated cameras.


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