Live stream MADI monitor


4HM’S recently launched MADI-MON is a MADI monitoring device that uniquely permits the interrogation of the live MADI audio stream in order to view the status of embedded channels as well as providing integral MADI to AES format conversion as standard.

The MADI-MON is a world first for the UK company and enables auditioning of embedded channels without the user needing to connect external routers or audio consoles. In addition, MADI-MON is the first device to provide studio engineers with the tools necessary to interrogate the MADI stream in order to view the status of embedded channels.

Bargraph metering is provided for up to 32 stereo pairs (64 channels), while it also makes 32 pairs of balanced AES/EBU and unbalanced AES3-id available simultaneously for interconnection to broadcast routers, audio consoles or any other AES equipped devices and as with all 4HM products features a redundant power supply as standard.

The 1U MA64 MADI to multi-format AES converter is available with either multi-mode or single-mode fibre operation and loop-through connectivity, the MA64 provides an ideal method of format conversion to both balanced and unbalanced AES simultaneously.


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