Hard-hitting soccer doccie exposes the game


In Soka Afrika, director Suridh Hassan documents youngsters in Africa striving for a better life through football with Europe as their target. Some make the grade to become successful footballers, but some are not as fortunate.

Soka Afrika follows Kermit Erasmus from South Africa and Ndomo Sabo from Cameroon as they lead their lives dominated by the world’s biggest sport. Former footballer Jean Claude Mbvoumin features as well as he attempts to rid football of corruption through his own association, NGO Culture Foot Solidaire.

Primarily, though, the viewer witnesses the trials and tribulations of these Africans trying to forge a career in football.

Erasmus’s talents propelled him into the Dutch league with top team Feyenoord at the age of 18 after leading a tough life in South Africa. However, Sabo falls victim to corrupt agents and, after he travels to Europe, he has to live on the streets and beg for money. But with Mbouvin’s help he could yet find his feet.

Soka Afrika gives the viewer a grounded and eye-opening look at a different side of football. The documentary raises the awareness of the difficulties individuals from poorer countries face when chasing their dreams.

While European players lavish in luxury, prospective players such as Erasmus and Sabo are fighting to make a better life for themselves while encountering obstacles in the way of their dreams.

Soka Afrika has been released by Masnomis on DVD and Blu-ray.


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