DreamWorks Studios make best of good luck


The Good Luck of Right Now, the latest novel by Matthew Quick, has been acquired by DreamWorks Studios. After the success of his first novel, Silver Linings Playbook, Quick’s work is in demand.

The story follows the intertwined lives of four people, who are all outsiders in their own right. In the wake of grieving over pain and loss in their lives, however, they come together to form the most unlikely family.

“The characters are quirkier than those in Silver Linings Playbook and there is also the Richard Gere factor,’ says Quick. “The protagonist takes care of his mother, who suffers from dementia. She has been calling him Richard and the caretaker tells the story of this broken group of characters in letters written to Richard Gere.

The love interest in the movie is a librarian who believes, as does her brother, that they were once abducted by aliens.


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