It’s a “dog’s’ life


Ryan Kruger of Enigma Ace was recently tasked by South African record label Gallo to conceive a music video for Arno Carstens’ new single Two Dogs, taken from his tenth studio album Atari Gala.

“Arno’s manager contacted me as Arno liked the work that I’ve done for other local stars,’ explains Kruger. “They wanted something completely different to Arno’s existing videos and trusted me to come up with a concept. I wanted to make a video that would stand out so that people would remember something simple that was creative and meaningful. In the end the idea was as simple as exploring a couple’s relationship at the dinner table.’

In the video two people are chained to a table out of reach of each other, in a representation of purgatory and an endless “Last Supper’ scenario, waited on by a butler. The only way they can explore each other and fulfill their desires, both good and bad, is through the meal laid out before them. Even though the meal is perfect, monotony overcomes them.

“We had a small crew, one day in which to shoot and a single location – the basement of a restaurant in Bree Street,’ continues Kruger. “I cooked the roast that features in the video the night before the shoot and bought all the costumes from charity shops the week prior to that.’

Kruger chose to shoot the video in black and white on a RED Epic which he sourced from Zootee Studios. “I chose the Red Epic as it’s great for high speed footage and because I’ve always been a fan of the RED. We had a great director of photography in Faheemah Hendricks who I worked with on The Parlotones video,’ he notes.
In the video the two actors literally have to devour a big meal, tearing it apart with their hands and stuffing it into their faces.

“At the start of the shoot the actors were hungry and thought the food looked delicious. By the end they were full so they chewed up the food for the take and then spat it out into a bucket next to them,’ comments Kruger.

He also produced the video together with Darryn Bennett. Other credits include Stephen du Plessis (editor); Nicci Allen (make-up); and production design (Anika Prins).

The video can be viewed at

screen africa magazine – january 2013


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