Dujardin dazzles in The Players


Jean Dujardin, who made a clean sweep during last year awards’ season for his portrayal in The Artist, is back on South African screens. Dubbed “the George Clooney of France’, the handsome leading man sizzles in his new movie, The Players (Les Infideles), a comedy about men’s impulse to stray.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the film “as a collection of adultery-themed shorts with a few clever and undeniably funny moments, while the charisma of its leading men adds much to the formula’.

Both Dujardin and his co-star Giles Lellouche, play a range of different characters who switch up roles, hairstyles and even sexual preferences…

The Players is showing exclusively at Cinema Nouveau theatres in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town and has a 16LNS classification.


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