Multichannel monitoring


Volicon today announced that the Audio Visual Commission (AVC) of Jordan is using the Observer digital video monitoring and logging system to ensure that radio and satellite television broadcasters maintain compliance with AVC directives. Supplied to the governmental authority by Modern Systems and Computer Trade (MSCT), Volicon’s representative in Jordan, the Observer system performs continuous monitoring and recording of aired content to enable AVC’s rapid investigation of comments or complaints.

“With the Observer system, we have realised significant improvements to our monitoring operations,” said Herant Malekyan, director of engineering at AVC. “Our staff can review many channels on a single screen and, when necessary, access suspect content in a very short time, so we’ve seen efficiency gains. The capacity of the Observer system also has proved valuable, as the large cache of recorded content gives us the flexibility to investigate possible infractions over a much longer period.”

The Volicon Observer family of products captures, stores, and indexes broadcast content from multiple channels, offering users 24/7 access to video from their desktop computers. AVC’s Observer system records 40 satellite channels and 16 radio (FM) channels, preserving at least 30 days of content for review. Using the Observer’s intuitive, streamlined interface, AVC staff can quickly dial back to the subject of the complaint and investigate the matter.

The Observer system replaces an older system that was limited in the number of channels it could record, the amount of content it could capture and store, and the speed with which it provided audio and video for review. In an effort to help AVC address these issues, MSCT introduced the Volicon Observer system and facilitated system design, installation, and training.


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