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Comuta Radio and Rank TV recently hosted and featured local neo-soul artist Malik, providing commuters with continued quality and entertaining subject matter. ComutaNet reaches over 20 million commuters on a weekly basis and aims to ensure that audiences are always entertained and intrigued by the content on the company’s various platforms.

Malik released his album Music in Love earlier this year. The 12-track album features songs in four different languages: IsiXhosa, SeTswana, IsiZulu and English. Speaking to the Comuta Radio and Rank TV audiences, Malik said that this was an album he loved and it was about how music affected your life when it came to matters of the heart.

Adrian Goncalves, Digital Media Manager at ComutaNet says: “This soulful and talented young artist delivers to our audience award-winning musical entertainment. At Rank TV and Comuta Radio, we ensure that our commuter market is only entertained by the best – ensuring they stay engaged with the medium at all times– a great benefit to advertisers.’

For more information, visit www.comutanet.co.za


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