Pop culture-inspired ads


As part of Supa Quick’s efforts to reposition its brand and retail selling points, advertising and brand development agency, human.kind has collaborated with Luma, a top South African digital content creation (DCC) studio, to create a series of five 30-second animated television commercials.

Known for their lifelike digitally rendered creations in leading television commercials, Luma designed the television adverts with a view to better demonstrating Supa Quick’s offerings, as well as their various retail selling points.

Inspired by pop cultural trends and emerging technologies, the adverts depict cars that transform into robots while visiting their local Supa Quick outlet. Each commercial features a unique and quirky digitally rendered character, each looking for assistance in dealing with a specific mechanical ailment.

“Coming up with a catchy concept was just the beginning; the next challenge was to find a production house to help bring the idea to life, with the level of production value that would be true to the cutting-edge concept,’ says Matthew Cooper, creative director at human.kind “It was clear that the most skilled animators, with the ability to seamlessly blend animation and live action, would be needed, and that made Luma – who embraced the project with much excitement – the obvious choice.”

The first commercial depicts a waiting area at a Supa Quick outlet, where a group of car robots, consisting of a middle-aged male car with a problematic battery, a young masculine blue coloured car with balding tyres and a spunky female sports car with worn shock absorbers, are waiting to be assisted by a Supa Quick mechanic.

The second, third and fourth commercials, which promote Supa Quick’s battery, tyre and shock absorber price specials, portray each of the aforementioned car robots receiving individual assistance for their specific car problems.

Commenting on the adverts’ design, Luma’s managing director Paul Meyer comments, “Infusing human characteristics with the robotic cars, while maintaining the quality of the visual effects, required our team to have a meticulous eye for visual detail, so as to allow the consumer to relate to each robotic car.’

“The commercial successfully engaged the consumer, promoting the Supa Quick brand and the company’s services – we could not be more happy with the results,’ concludes Meyer.

The fifth commercial in the series will be aired on 18 November 2012.


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