New COFDM diversity receiver&#47monitor


Building upon the success of the company’s AB-HDRF 5.8 GHz COFDM RF system, Anton/Bauer, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company, has introduced the new AB Direct VU COFDM diversity receiver/monitor. A collaboration between Anton/Bauer and Vitec Group sister company Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT), Anton/Bauer’s AB Direct VU offers a compact, portable system that includes a hand-held monitor plus receiver—all powered using Anton/Bauer Gold Mounts and batteries.

AB Direct VU is a handheld diversity confidence receiver/monitor that displays COFDM video transmissions using a built-in internal nine-inch 16:9 format screen. The bright, high-resolution 1200-NIT, 1080i HD LCD screen makes the unit suitable for a variety of uses, including ENG/EFP, cine and film production and sporting events. The high-bright LCD screen is easy to read in daylight, an important feature for outdoor applications. It also features a simple-to-use menu-driven interface.

“We are very much looking forward to introducing the AB Direct VU as part of our new AB-HDRF packages,” says Paul Dudeck, Anton/Bauer vice president of sales, the Americas. “It features a screen that utilises law enforcement-quality glass and requires minimal setup, so users can easily incorporate it into their portable workflows. The AB Direct VU creates mobile capabilities that no other competitor can provide, furthering Anton/Bauer’s initiative of providing cutting-edge portable power solutions.”

Combined with true ease of operation and superb MPEG-2/MPEG-4 auto-detect decoding, AB Direct VU is more than a COFDM handheld receiver. It can receive up to 12 camera positions and send video over Ethernet to remote software or hardware decoders as well as stream shots live over the Internet via IP. This allows multiple remote viewers to monitor the same video simultaneously. What’s more, it features audio connections as well as two speakers. The bandwidth is customizable between channels 6, 7 and 8.

For advanced functions such as changing frequency plans or unit naming, a user-friendly administration software package is included. The administration software package allows users to configure and store up to 16 custom preset configurations. These values can then be locked in place, providing simple and reliable operation. Additionally, access control ensures that users will not inadvertently corrupt critical production settings. The OSD display helps the user navigate the local user interface and features receiver statistics such as signal strength, preset, modulation and remaining battery life. It provides users with full confidence in the operation of the unit.

Anton/Bauer’s AB-HDRF system is a compact 5.8 GHz COFDM RF system that can transmit a robust HD signal over great distances; all while being powered by Anton/Bauer batteries. Utilizing the 5.8 GHz frequency band, the AB-HDTX sends its signal directly to the AB-HDRX dual-diversity receiver or the AB Direct VU handheld monitor/receiver.


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