Next generation ad platform


Adstream, a telestreaming service that sends over 1 000 TV ads and
4 000 print ads to broadcasters and publishers every month, recently launched a
completely new platform called Adbank 5.

Says Adstream’s Mike Smit: “Adbank 5 is a next generation advertising platform
designed and built by advertising people and web developers, working with cutting
edge technology, to be intuitive for the ad industry. The system creates a single
environment that allows brands and agencies to collaborate in all forms of media.’

This includes project planning (project creation, management and resource
assignment); creative development (approvals and annotations); production and post-
production (project folders for sharing unlimited file sizes); versioning (simple global
movement of assets); finance (create estimates, POs and timesheets and feed to
Enterprise Finance System); asset management (a library supported by a powerful
meta search engine); and distribution (asset delivery to networks / media owners /

Smit continues: “Adbank utilises Adstream’s powerful media distribution network to
allow production ready files to be shared globally. It is digitally connected to over 30
000 media owners and provides a single tool with the ability to receive, deliver, store,
send and approve multi-media content, all from one dashboard.

“Adbank creates a single, sign-on end-to-end marketing platform for agencies and
brands and a single environment for all assets to be created, managed and delivered.

“It offers full reporting and provides a powerful transparency tool as well as reduced
operational overhead and duplication, providing ownership and major cost reduction
across media delivery.’

He notes that Adbank’s real time digital campaign targeting and optimisation make it
a strong new business and PR tool with assets being easily retrievable from cloud

By Andy Stead

Screen Africa magazine – November / December 2012


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