Insurance pays for Let it Rain Films


Another commercial that uses a reinvented rig to tackle seamless filming is the latest
for insurance company, Outsurance. Filmed by Lee Doig of Cape Town’s Let it Rain
Films, it follows on from the previous ad in which the protagonist moves seamlessly
along a street as he changes clothes and speaks to camera – or should I say

“We had five Canon 5Ds on a rig that was attached to a Steadicam on a setup Lee
designed to get everything in one take,’ says producer Sam Kelly. “The Steadicam and
camera crew were on a golf cart and the cameras all rolled together so we were able
to cut between them in the edit and get one seamless commercial.’

The latest commercial is different in that the environments change as the actor walks
through doors onto different sets.

“On the previous commercial we shot at night giving us lighting continuity,’ says
Kelly. “In this commercial the light in the different scenes varies greatly so we
needed to get as much out of the grade as possible, hence we used one camera, the
Arri Alexa, on a Steadicam pulled by a rickshaw dolly.’

When I arrived on the set located in a warehouse, I waltzed between packing crates
and a bunch of people offloading a truck, not realising I stumbled onto the
“warehouse scene’. Yes, I am that guy. But thankfully the action was over and the
camera had completed its move.

Looking perpendicularly onto the long set, it was remarkable to see the separate,
different worlds, not unlike a scene from a Wes Anderson movie.

The actor walks through a series of doors – from a truck arriving through a warehouse,
a butchery, a deli and a hotel. All the while the film captures intricate, coordinated
action with a large cast of extras all lending an aspect to the story as the hero talks
about the different business types in each scene. Not an easy task at all.

The campaign involved a 45-second commercial covering all the different scenes, as
well as separate, more focused commercials for each specific business – all executed
in two days. Thankfully, no weather day needed.

By Anton Crone

Screen Africa magazine – November / December 2012


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