Man on Ground wins at TCFF


The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) has congratulated Man on Ground on winning the Best South African Film at the 10th Tri Continental Film Festival (TCFF). This year’s festival, which exclusively bases its awards on audience votes, took place from 7 to 23 September this year in Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria and Cape Town.

“We’d like to congratulate Man on Ground for yet another achievement. This is a major milestone for the production crew and cast members who worked very hard on making this project a success, as NFVF we are very proud,’ says Azania Muendane, Head of Marketing and Public Affairs at NFVF.

Produced by Akin Omotoso and supported by the NFVF, Man on Ground is a tragic yet poignant film that skill-fully depicts the horrific 2008 xenophobic riots and attempts to unravel the reasons for the deep-rooted hostility towards immigrants in South Africa. The film tells the story of a young Nigerian man living in the African refugee tenements of Johannesburg who disappears against the background of animosity against immigrants flaring into violent rioting. In the span of a single night, his brother, on a short visit from London, tries to elucidate the mystery.

“On behalf of the cast and crew of Man on Ground, we are extremely delighted about this award. We thank TCFF for inviting us and thank the people that came to watch the film for their robust engagement with the film,’ says Omotoso. The film stars seasoned actors like Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Fana Mokoena and Bubu Mazibuko.

“An exceptional film, both in content and form, Man on Ground is underpinned by a striking central performance,’ says 2012 TCFF Director Rehad Desai. He further said the standard of films that were finalists this year was generally higher than any other year he can remember. “There is real accomplishment evident in these films that bodes very favourably for the future of our industry,’ said Desai.


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