African radio first


Planet Image Productions launched Planet RadioTV (PRTV), billed as Africa’s first
radioTV, in July this year.

“This technology introduces a new concept for music entertainment by
synchronising different mediums such as radio, television, social networking and
cellular technology,’ explains Planet Image Productions CEO Wale Akinlabi. “It
creates one medium allowing for amazing reach and interaction between
broadcaster and end user.’

Akinlabi notes that the new broadcasting technology was pioneered in France
and PRTV is the second in the world and the first in Africa to use it.

The channel focuses on African music and airs 15 hours of fresh content every
day with repeats for the remaining time. The content is a mixture of pre-recorded
music and lifestyles shows such as Fashion Statement, Design & Lifestyle and
The P Spot, as well as live footage from the DJs in the PRTV studio.

“PRTV is a complete visual and audio experience, which means full hair, full
make-up and state of the art communications technology (live Skype),’ states

There are four Panasonic AW-HE50 cameras mounted on the roof of the studio in
Johannesburg, each connected to a microphone.

“The system, based on Orad’s HDVG platform, is completely automated and
relies on unique audio detection software to detect the talent’s voice and
determine which camera should be on air. Camera switching does not require
human intervention and the existing workflow is maintained without any
additional costs,’ explains Akinlabi.

“The technology supports multi-camera production in both high definition (HD)
and standard definition (SD) resolution, providing the rich quality of TV
broadcasting. It also provides genlocked clean cuts and high quality video play

A PRTV app was launched in early August. “This will also generate revenue for
the company as we can sell advertising at the bottom of the app. The app has
the ability to detect your Internet speed and therefore reduce the
Planet Image Productions SA produces Good Morning Africa, a breakfast show on
the Africa Magic Channel 114 on the DStv satellite pay-TV platform. “We have 23
staff members who are responsible for producing our shows, which include
cameramen, editors, producers and researchers,’ notes Akinlabi.


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