Easier transition to file-based workflows


For video facilities transitioning from tape to file-based workflows for recording
and playback, Ki Pro Rack from AJA Video Systems offers high-quality, “ready-to-
edit’ file capture, designed to get material from source to editorial as quickly as

With a wealth of professional connections, Ki Pro Rack will fit right into your
existing cabling and routing system and record 10-bit Apple ProRes and Avid
DNxHD files direct to removable hard disk or SSD Storage Modules, eliminating
the need for time-consuming logging and capturing. The files can be used in
most editing systems without the need for additional transcoding or importing

Recording 10-bit, full raster files, Ki Pro Rack gives you high quality images that
easily stand up to post processing requirements – and client scrutiny.

Compared to 8-bit recording devices, 10-bit 4:2:2 recording provides greater
dynamic range, giving a superior representation of the original scene and
allowing for more flexibility in post production when adjusting colour and
By utilising efficient ProRes and DNxHD codes, file sizes are kept in check so
there is no need for extra storage.

Ki Pro Rack features RS-422 control, enabling it to be easily integrated with
editing systems, external controllers and even other tape decks, and fulfill all the
functions of a traditional VTR. Systems can perform assemble edits direct to the
Ki Pro Rack Storage Modules, often faster than rendering to ProRes or DNxHD
files within an editing system.


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