Sasol partners with Kaelo


Kaelo – Stories of Hope, which airs on every Tuesday at 17h30, is partnering with global petrochemical group, Sasol, as it continues to broadcast good news stories of what companies are doing to uplift communities around South Africa.

From 2 October to 25 December this year, each episode of Kaelo – Stories of Hope will feature a three-minute segment, sponsored by Sasol, during which various sporting heroes will be profiled, along with stories about the numerous community projects in which Sasol is involved.

“Sasol has for many years invested heavily in communities , prioritising the upliftment of South Africans through a needs-driven, sustainable development approach to community development,’ says Melanie Kidson, Account Manager: Group Brand Marketing.

“We’re excited now to have the opportunity to partner with the country’s most influential corporate social investment (CSI) platform to tell stories of what is possible if we work together as a nation. We also want our loyal customers to know what we’re doing so that every time they purchase a Sasol product or engage with us in some way, they’re enabling us to give back even more to the communities in which we operate.’

Sasol’s extensive CSI programme supports education and skills enhancement, small business development and job-creation efforts. In addition, conserving the environment and fostering arts and culture is also critical to its efforts.

“Over the years, Sasol has become one of South Africa’s leading investors in community development,’ says Sarah Campbell, managing director of Kaelo Engage, the company that produces Stories of Hope. “For this reason, it appears to us to be a natural fit that we work together in helping to raise the hope of the nation, as Sasol shares the fruit of its hard work and results-orientated attitude.’

Some of the three-minute inserts that viewers will be able to look forward to include profiles of the Banyana Banyana soccer sponsorship, Sasol’s water conservation projects and the contributions the company has made to projects of public education and housing provision in South Africa.

“By featuring the collaboration between business, the public and civil sectors and communities, we aim to show how South Africans together are truly making a difference,’ says Campbell.

“Kaelo – Stories of Hope gives Sasol an excellent opportunity to position our contribution to development and our citizenship approach,’ adds Sarah. “The format of the show – that we believe really connects with people on a channel that’s in touch with ordinary South Africans – allows us to tell positive, uplifting and inspirational stories. We also hope to use the platform to rally the public to answer a specific need as a demonstration of delivery and compassion by ourselves.’

“In addition, we believe the reach of the programme, with over one million viewers each week, will allow Sasol to drive awareness of the positive role civil society and business can play in uplifting the country to new levels in our society.’

The Kaelo sponsorship is part of Sasol’s ongoing “With you… we make dreams come true’ campaign that aims to raise awareness around the company’s contribution towards community development.

“Raising the profile of social responsibility projects and the organisations that support them, in this case Sasol, will undoubtedly enable the expansion of this significant work,’ concludes Campbell. “The continued involvement of the companies that sponsor us means the projects we profile will be able to achieve new heights well into the future, while giving sponsoring companies the positive exposure they deserve for the incredible work they’re doing.’


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