New radio transmission products


Harris Broadcast Communications comes to IBC2012 (7 – 11 September, Amsterdam RAI) with an array of new analogue and digital radio transmission products ideal for international broadcasters operating large transmission networks and seeking to reduce network costs and complexity in the process.

Four new low-power Flexiva transmitter models (50, 150, 300 and 500 W) will be unveiled at IBC, extending Harris’ range to accommodate analogue and digital transmission network requirements. This is ideal for international broadcasters deploying multiple low-power FM transmitters across a region or country. The low-power models join a growing range that also includes several medium- and high-power options that span to from 1 to 40kW.

Harris will also introduce its range of Platinum VAX Compact Class transmitters, built upon the company’s PowerSmart architecture to minimise footprint and power costs. Available in 50, 300 and 600 W models, the Platinum VAX Compact Class offers half the footprint of its predecessor at 2RU for the highest possible power density and operational efficiency. Its integrated Harris Apex M2X exciter enables simple modulation changes to support Mobile TV transmission for analogue and digital broadcast standards, including DVB-T, DVB-T2 and T-DMB.

The company will also demonstrate a new electronic data interchange (EDI) solution to support IP-based distribution of radio broadcast content over multipoint DAB transmission networks. This development enables low-cost, targeted content delivery to many transmitters across large geographic regions. An EDI module distributes content from the central headend to multiple transmitters, each with a receiving EDI module built into its Apex M2X exciter. This creates the industry’s only integrated EDI interface on the market for DAB transmitters, eliminating expensive external components.

“Harris continues to innovate for analogue and digital radio worldwide, offering broadcasters the lowest possible total cost of ownership for transmitters and associated gear,’ said Richard Redmond, vice president of product management and strategy, Harris Broadcast Communications. “The network topology tends to be much smaller in Europe and other international regions, requiring tens to hundreds of transmitters with very targeted coverage areas. High operating efficiency and compact designs are of major significance for our customers faced with such investments.’

The company will additionally bring its recently introduced Intraplex IP Link 100 codec for low-cost, studio-based contribution to IP networks. The codec’s Dynamic Stream Splicing option is of particular interest for DAB over IP delivery, allowing broadcasters to send many identical audio streams over the IP network for maximum signal redundancy. This offers on-air reliability traditionally associated with more expensive E1 and T1 networks.

AM, FM and other digital radio broadcasters can similarly use low-cost IP Link 100 codecs at the send and receive points of a studio-to-transmitter (STL), studio-to-studio or remote broadcast link.


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