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Concilium Technologies provides solutions that meet customers’ unique requirements, ranging from a standalone item of test equipment to a complete broadcast infrastructure that requires ingest, storage, editing, asset management, signal conversion or transcoding, distribution and transmission.
This is in addition to system design, installation, commissioning and ongoing local support.

Says Concilium’s Steve Alves: “Good systems integration requires technical and project management expertise to find the best components to meet the design specifications of the overall solution. It’s vital to understand how different components interact with each other and to come up with innovative ways of using modern technologies to provide performance at an acceptable price.’

Any system implementation has its challenges, but with good project management and committed teamwork with the customer, they can be overcome. Systems also require updating, expanding, modifying and maintaining through their lifecycle, so local expertise is essential to address these requirements timeously. It is not uncommon for Concilium to have locally skilled application engineers on site almost full time to assist the customer meet the challenges of the ever changing demands on broadcasters.

There is a huge range of products that are needed to meet certain requirements, and typically they come from multiple vendors.

“Our projects,’ continues Alves, “have incorporated cameras, storage servers and server control, vision and audio mixing desks, editing suites, graphics creation, multiviewers, automation, near offline archives, signal conversion, distribution and routing via virtually every transmission medium, transcoding and media streaming devices. This is to cater for the “display everywhere’ emerging nature of broadcast consumption. Recent projects even include TV transmitters and all of the equipment required to get content from the broadcast studio to the transmitters.

“Systems integration is an essential part of any broadcaster or production facility. As every broadcaster has unique requirements to stay ahead of the game, systems integration provides solutions that meet current needs and can typically be expanded to cater for future needs. There are very few instances where there is an “off the shelf’ total solution.’

By Andy Stead

Screen Africa magazine – August 2012


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