Camera products on show


At IBC2012 in Amsterdam in September Tiffen International Ltd. will show the latest products from its range of high quality glass MPTV optical filters, Steadicam, Lowel Lighting, Listec Prompters, digital filter software and more, for movie cinematographers to DSLR video and iPhone-ographers.

Beyond the products, visitors to the stand can benefit with advice from world experts in their fields including optical filters, Steadicam and lighting.

Tiffen’s recommended motion picture and television optical filters for the latest cameras, including Canon EOS C300, Sony F65, ARRI Alexa, RED will be at IBC. These feature new Hot Mirror, IR and IRND colour-combination filters to fix IR pollution on CMOS-chip cameras. The latest IRND colour-combination diffusion filters with Tiffen trademark names including Glimmer Glass and Promist, as well as other innovations for the MPTV market will be on display.

Also on the stand is the Dfxv3 digital filter software that provides emulation of the 2000-plus Tiffen optical filters as well as further effects, available as stand-alone or plug-ins for Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Avid. Check out Cool fx and Grad fx apps for Tiffen digital filters on iPhones.

Additions to the Steadicam range of camera stabilisers include two new versions of established rigs. The Pilot HD and the Scout HD are both designed for HDTV, benefit from the latest Steadicam engineering and are wired for the needs of live HDSDI TV production. The Pilot HD can support the modern breed of lightweight camera loads from 0.9 to 4.1kg (2 to 9 pounds). Also included is the new 7-inch 400 Nit Hi-Bright monitor with 900:1 contrast and 1024×600 pixel resolution. Similarly the Scout HD can support loads of up to 8.2kg (18 lbs) and includes a new 7-inch HDSDI 800 Nit monitor that includes a frameline and vertical and horizontal image flip for 3D mirror rigs.

New the Fawcett Exovest is an ultra-light exoskeletal Steadicam vest that transfers weight into anatomically appropriate areas and bridges areas that should not be loaded. Its rigidity means that the force required to counterbalance a Steadicam rig is halved. Also the absence of chest straps allows unrestricted breathing and with nothing to compress the spine at mid-back level. The result is a lighter and less constrictive vest that allows better respiration, circulation, transpiration and movement, and is especially comfortable for female operators.

Steadicam is also showing two new arms at IBC. The G-50x and G-70x arms both include Geo spring geometry that optimises performance throughout the arms’ lifting range. It tames high/low arm travel with adjustable-length crankshafts that dynamically rock the spring termination as the arm is boomed up or down. Powered by titanium springs, the G-50x arm smoothly carries any load from 5.4 to 23kg (12 to 50lbs), and with the G-70x supporting from 5.8 to 32kg (13 to 70lbs). The all-new bearing performance enhancements on the arms make even the slowest camera moves ultra smooth. Many new innovations add to performance and ease of use making these probably the smoothest, best performing durable arms ever built!

Lowel will be expanding its LED range with the new Prime 200 and 400 daylight fixtures at the show. These add to the tungsten fixtures introduced at NAB. With a Colour Rendering Index of 91+ these are designed to bring studio quality to productions of all types and sizes. Lowel Prime LEDs are brighter than many similarly sized studio LEDs, with a wide, more usable 50-degree beam angle. All models offer quiet fanless operation from 90-250VAC and are fully DMX addressable, dimmable and controllable with a host of available accessories.


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