New Rwandan feature launched


Following its exit from the post-production suite in March this year, the new Rwandan feature film Cora Cora was launched on 15 July in the capital city Kigali. The launch was attended by scores of invited school children as well as a number of top government officials.

Filmed in full HD film and edited on Final Cut Pro 7, Cora Cora is produced by Tresor Senga and was written and directed by Richard Mugwaneza.

The film’s message sums up the inevitable calamities associated with drugs, especially among adolescents and in this regard targets the youth in Rwanda and elsewhere.

“It is a tale of rampant drug abuse and trafficking by mainly young people, among them increasing numbers of school-going youths. The border passage between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been used as a drug zone with disturbing numbers of school children missing classes because of running drug selling errands or being drugged out’, says Mugwaneza.

Local media reports indicate the 70-minutes long production has been endorsed by the Rwanda government. This is a sign that it will go a long way in addressing an escalating social ill. Report by Martin Chemhere


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