How to get free advertising


South African low cost airline Mango is reportedly getting lots of mileage from an ad produced by a competitor in which it (Mango) is spoofed. Currently enjoying substantial airtime nationally, the ad features Rastafarian-style elocution and word play on the Mango brand.

It was likely not intended to deliver brand awareness for Mango – but early dipstick analysis shows that recall of the commercial favours Mango, despite its obvious intention otherwise.

Says Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout: “It is a rarity that a competitor values its opponent to such an extent that it spends significant amounts of advertising budget on generating brand awareness for them. While our competitor may claim to operate 80% of all flights to and from Lanseria, at least our 20% is on-time.’

With its G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi, the widest distribution channels and still the only airline globally to accept store charge cards (Edgars, Jet), Bezuidenhout says that Mango must be turning its competitors green with envy. “In a market where every airline tastes like chicken, it is important to taste like beef.’

Mango has no intention to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority but rather encourage increased rotation of the advertisement.

“The more airtime our competitor’s Mango ad enjoys, the better for us,’ says Bezuidenhout.

While Mango may not return the favour and develop a campaign to benefit its competitors, Bezuidenhout says he admires his competitor’s gesture.


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