Call for ICT Policy Review Panel noms


South Africa’s Minister of Communications Dina Pule has issued a call for nominations for membership of the ICT Policy Review Panel. This call follows the ICT Policy Colloquium which was held in April 2012 as a first step in the formulation of an Integrated National ICT Policy.

The purpose of the ICT Policy Review Panel is to  scrutinise the ICT policy landscape and make recommendations towards the formulation of a Green Paper and thereafter a White Paper on Integrated National ICT Policy.

The required panel shall consist of up to 20 members; which will constitute an ICT core expert group whom about six members will be appointed as chairpersons of the six working committees for Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Postal, Content Development, Digitising government, and Investment and Manufacturing.

The Minister will consider the following skills before appointing the Members of the Panel, inter alia engineering, legal, economics, education, business development, financial, regulatory and research.

For the terms of reference of the panel please visit . The following information should be furnished in respect of person nominating and nominated:

  1. Curriculum Vitae, Full name, Identity Number, Physical and Postal address, Telephone and Fax numbers, E-mail address, organisation represented if applicable and signature of person nominating and the person nominated.

Nominations should be made to Mr Themba Phiri, Deputy Director General ICT Policy Development, the Department of Communications, Private Bag X860, iPariolli Office Park, 1166 Park Street, Hatfield, Pretoria, e-mail for telephone enquiries 012 427 7718/7703/8000.

The closing date for nominations is 30 calendar days from the date of publication of the relevant Government Gazette No. 35408 that will be published on 01 June 2012.


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