Anti-virus for Smart TVs


In order to combat the emerging threat of malware infections on Smart TVs, Ocean Blue Software has partnered with IT security leader Sophos to develop a cloud-based antivirus solution that can be shipped either as part of the Ocean Blue middleware or as a stand-alone client for solutions with their own middleware.

According to Futuresource Consulting, by 2015 over 80% of new televisions and set-top boxes (STBs) will be Internet-ready. As many of these products will be based on either Linux or Android, they will be capable of downloading and running remote applications. While this connectivity brings many new features, it also exposes these devices to potential viruses and other malware, making antivirus protection essential.

The new Ocean Blue solution was a joint effort based on the combined forces of SophosLabs advanced  antivirus expertise and the category-leading Ocean Blue Software Television and STB middleware. The end result protects against the maximum number of threats, with the lowest demand on system resources.


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