Nearline storage system


SeaChange International’s Broadcast group announced that WPBT2, South Florida Public Media, has recently integrated its VMware IT environment with its existing SeaChange Universal MediaLibrary nearline storage utilising the system’s Windows iSCSI client software. This enables the station to share its storage with its broadcast server, further maximising its 2011 investment in a SeaChange media architecture.

The Universal MediaLibrary is the only storage system in the media-rich market that can simultaneously connect via NAS (CIFS, NFS, FTP) and SAN (Fibre Channel, iSCSI) without reconfigurations or gateways. This unique functionality enables WPBT2 SAN iSCSI access for IT VMware as well as NAS-based FTP transfers for moving files to and from the play-to-air server.

Graham Simmons, senior vice president for Engineering and Operations, WPBT2, said, “The new VMware configuration expands the usage of our Universal MediaLibrary storage beyond the broadcast nearline application to include traditional IT clients for their media storage needs while maximising our return-on-investment in SeaChange technology.’

Bang Chang, vice president of SeaChange Broadcast, said, “Our UML deployment at WPBT2 demonstrates the versatility of our media-centric, IT-based technology. The UML is equally adept at supporting both real time media applications and multi-user IT environment. We are glad to see that WPBT2 not only leverages our simultaneous NAS and SAN access for both media and IT workflows, but also relies on our distributed SAN file system to achieve high availability and load balancing for its VMWare DNS infrastructure.’

SeaChange Broadcast is becoming XOR Media, an independent technology company focused on supporting existing SeaChange Broadcast customers and delivering transformative media storage and codecs solutions to the market.

XOR Media is distributed in South Africa by Jasco Broadcast Solutions


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