AiM 2012 call for entries


Africa in Motion (AiM), one of the UK’s largest African film festivals, now in its seventh year of existence, is currently accepting submissions – features, documentaries and shorts – for its 2012 festival edition, which takes place from 25 October to 2 November at Filmhouse Cinema in Edinburgh, under the theme Modern Africa.

AiM is focusing its programme for 2012 on films and events that represent Africa as part and parcel of the modern, globalised world; and will be seeking to discover and explore – through film and other popular culture manifestations – how modernity manifests in African cultures.

The festival regards “modern’ not as belonging solely to the “West’, and through the festival organisers want to emphasise Africa’s important role in the modern world – to unearth the urban, the new, the provocative, the innovative and experimental. As such, the festival will primarily deal with manifestations of African cultures in the contemporary era, moving away from the stereotypical view of the continent locked in ancient traditions and superstition.

AiM will celebrate African creativity and the rich diversity of African cultures in their contemporary manifestations through showcasing films covering themes such as the role of African Diaspora; Africa’s current political and economical position(s); how the digital revolution is affecting the continent; modern arts expressions in African cultures – i.e. dance, modern street fashion, conceptual art, etc. – and how modern life has affected African traditions.

The much anticipated annual Short Film Competition continues this year and organisers are also launching a Call for Entries for films linked with the theme of Modern Africa. An Academic Symposium on African Popular Culture will further enhance our festival theme.

All details for film submissions and symposium are available at

Screenings at the festival will be accompanied by a wide range of complementary events such as directors’ Q&As and masterclasses, workshops, discussions, music performances and an arts exhibition.


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