Versatile down-converter


Puma Video in Johannesburg is a local distributor of Decimator products, including the
popular Decimator 2 down-converter.

According to Puma Video’s Henk Germishuysen, Decimator products stand out among
similar products due to their versatility and user-friendliness.

“The Decimator 2 down-converter not only down converts HD/SD-SDI to SD
analogue, but provides a loop-through and a HDMI and analogue audio output, all
live. The HDMI output also offers title safe (Graticules Generator) for various aspect
ratios and audio ballistics display. The new MD-DUCC (down, up, cross converter) is
full of even more surprises. This little box does all of the aforementioned as well, full
aspect ratio support, and selectable analogue video of: 3 x CVBS / YPbPr / RGB /
CVBS & YC,’ explains Germishuysen.

He notes that title safe and audio ballistics display is also available on the SDI

“Other award winning products are the video distribution amplifier, the Decimator
Quad and MD-Quad. Both of these offer four inputs to be displayed on one screen
with the MD-Quad adding an HDMI output.

“These are simple but powerful tools to solve many production challenges. Essential
when using the Canon 5D for video distribution, on commercial sets for video take-off
out of the Sony F3, Arri Alexa or RED cameras and live events,’ he concludes.

Screen Africa magazine – May 2012


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