A wild ride


Masters & Savant Worldwide, together with agency Ebony & Ivory, recently joined forces again for the sequel to last year’s commercial for ContiPartner, Continental Tyre South Africa’s official distribution network.

The commercial again features a race between an athlete and a car with Continental tyres, but this time, the ambitious advert has an athlete base-jumping from the top of a mountain, while the car speeds down it.

“Our biggest challenge was telling a longer story in the same amount of time, while staying true to the first commercial,’ says Masters & Savant Worldwide’s Johannesburg Creative Director, Chris Lockhart.

Lockhart, who also directed the live action elements of the commercial as well as the post-production says getting the right combination of the CGI and live action elements was key to its success.

“A production like this always has tight time and budgetary constraints, so it was up to us to ensure that we got it right without compromising the vision of the agency or what the Client wanted. We were very fortunate, however, that they trusted us.’

This element of trust and respect was something that Creative Director for Ebony & Ivory, Emil Padia says made it a “no-brainer’ when deciding on who should create the commercial.

“Masters & Savant Worldwide had already proved to us what an excellent choice we made with them last year. Besides, the ad was a sequel to last year’s one and we just knew we could trust the process based on the style they had already created.’

Padia also commended Lockhart and his team for “a very smooth process.’

“It makes a huge difference working with a team that are not just technically proficient, but are artists too. I always say it takes an artist’s eye to create fine detail that we normally take for granted when viewing an ad with a high level of CGI, the smallest detail matters. But with Masters & Savant Worldwide, those details were always taken care of.’


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