Malawi music adventure on film


Martin Chemhere writes…Kuyimba Africa, a 10-minute short film described as “a journal of sights and sounds in Malawi’ as experienced by Cape Town-based indie music group Holiday Murray was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II.

Manager and (sometimes) videographer / producer / director of Holiday Murray, Luca Vincenzo explains that the reason behind the shoot was fairly simple: a group of bands and friends were travelling to perform at Malawi’s Lake of Stars Festival in October 2011, so they decided to bring along other friends who also happened to be videographers, namely Adriaan Louw and Johno Mellish.

Vincenzo stresses that though there is no underlying message to be found in the film, it “conveys the fact that the power to create lies within each and every person’s hands’.

Scenes were filmed at Mangochi, Lake Malawi and during the Lake of Stars Festival. Footage was captured over a 10-day period, of which seven were spent travelling in the bus.

“It is difficult to pinpoint the roles of writer, director and producer of this kind of production. In essence, Adriaan and Johno filmed whenever and whatever they could while en-route. Once we got back, I sat down with Johno and directed the editing process,’ explains Vincenzo, who usually directs and produces projects under the title bitoCREATIVE.

The film screened at the Bioscope on 14 March 2012.


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