New redundancy switcher


Thomson Video Networks has launched a new version of the widely-deployed Amethyst III Redundancy Switcher, with new IP input and output features. With four gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the Amethyst III can perform seamless automatic transport stream switching over IP networks, with built in bypass for continued secure operation in the event of power failure.

By adding a new IP interface to its existing ASI one, the Amethyst III allows headend operators to migrate to an all IP architecture, ensuring 24/7 availability of digital TV distribution and other value added and critical services.

“The Amethyst III with embedded IP interfaces and secured bypass is the industry’s best solution for satellite, cable and terrestrial operators, and for contribution,” said Herve Congard, chief operating officer at Thomson Video Networks. “Until now, operators have had to use either ASI interfaces, or IP routers without built-in monitoring of transport stream quality. With the Amethyst III, operators can improve the end-user quality of experience by drastically reducing blackout time in case of equipment failures in the headend platform.”

Amethyst III’s fast, intelligent and seamless 1+1 switching between streams transported over IP networks is based on simultaneous monitoring of all incoming signals, using user configurable tests such as TR101 290 Priority 1/2/3, bitrate limit, scrambling information, service plan, and SFN MIP.

Amethyst III offers a dense solution by supporting multiple and seamless 1+1 IP switchers in a single 1RU chassis. Robust performance is assured by the unit’s dual power supply and configurable input/output bypass, for signal delivery on IP output ports — even in case of power loss or power supply failure.

This standalone network-agnostic solution is easy to install, and easy to configure through its front panel interface, or remotely via any web browser. For integration with any network management system, Amethyst III also includes an embedded SNMP agent.

Amethyst III will be available from June 2012.


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