Viral goes retro


MD of digital communications agency Retroviral, Mike Sharman, approached Projects director at commercial production company Picture Tree, Fausto, to create a video that would, in a striking but simple way, convey the core values of Retroviral.

Says Fausto: “Mike had the idea of a desk and a piece of paper and I grew that idea to incorporate the other elements that you see in the final piece. His energy is contagious and he is fun to work with because he’s open to new ideas. I love to keep things in camera and work organically, so it was a great fit.

“Mike works in the world of the intangible and it’s hard to visualise the networks he plays in, so it was interesting to try and translate that through the physical media we used in the video. Often an idea starts on a piece of paper in a coffee shop, and very quickly makes its way into the cloud with a few clicks and taps. The corporate results / showreel can be a boring prospect; however I think we managed to inject a fresh and unique perspective on the Retroviral piece.’

Sharman agrees. “Last year was a big year for us and I wanted to say that, but with more brand emphasis than team emphasis. We wanted to brag but in a non-wanky way.’

The video has generated over 2, 000 views. Here are is the YouTube link.


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