Hip Hop reality series on MTV Base


Son of a Gun, a new hip hop reality series, follows wannabe rapper Cory Gunz as he deals with family pressure, management issues and creative challenges in a final-ditch effort to become a big shot in the rap game. The series premieres on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) on Wednesday 28 March at 8pm CAT.

Cory is the son of Peter Gunz, who had a hit record in the 90s, and has been trying to get his rap career off the ground since he was 16 years old. With two failed record deals under his belt, this is Cory’s last opportunity to finally make it as a real-life Hip Hop star.

Among the larger-than-life characters helping Cory to his chance at the big time is his father and voice of reason, Peter Gunz. Through Peter’s influence, Cory fell in love with hip-hop and aspired to become an artist himself. Peter’s hit “Uptown Baby’ put the Gunz family on the map in the rap game, but it wasn’t enough to propel them into a better life. Through his ups and downs in the business, Peter knows the path Cory is travelling down, and works to guide him so that he won’t make the same mistakes he did.

Nick Cannon, known in the US as “Mr Nickelodeon’, wears many other hats, including CEO of NCredible Entertainment. When Nick discovered Cory’s talent, he knew with his help he could take his career to the next level. Nick is now like family to Cory and is providing him with all the resources it takes to make him a superstar. All Nick wants is to see Cory win and, with the help of the NCredible team, break out all the stops to turn him into a star.

Others to feature in the series include Cory’s lawyer and friend of the family Ed Woods; Cory’s cousin Jimmy who is like a brother to him; Hash aka “The Bronx Beast’, Cory’s childhood friend and close confidante who also raps; Nick Cannon’s right-hand man Dorian; Nick’s executive assistant with a no-nonsense attitude and incredible work ethic, Dollie; and Nick’s general manager with a big sense of humour, Jamal.

Son of A Gun will be repeated on Friday 30 March at 4.05pm, Saturday 31 March at 9.30am and Sunday 1 April at 7:30pm. The series ends on 2 May.


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