Analysing loudness violations


Digital workflow experts Emotion Systems has announced that London post production giant The Mill and Beam have ordered licenses for Emotion’s “eFF” (Emotion File Finish) software application, which automatically analyses and fixes audio loudness violations in file-based media.

Engineered to effortlessly remedy audio loudness violations in file-based media, eFF guarantees compliance with the latest ITU-R BS.1770, BS.1771, and EBU R128 standards. The eFF application ensures that audio level problems are correctly resolved by efficiently analysing file-based media and utilising accurate modelling of analogue Peak Programme Meters (PPMs) and loudness detection parameters.

According to Lance Gaunt, head of digital media technology at The Mill, “Due to the high volume and variety of formats coming into Beam for international distribution we wanted a file analysis tool that provided an efficient way of measuring and verifying various containers/ codecs for loudness compliance requirements up to and including 5.1 surround.

An advantage of eFF is that it provides fast, accurate analysis and detailed reporting. The people at Emotion Systems understand the complexity of our inflow and were able to provide an efficient solution.”

Emotion Systems’ CEO MC Patel said, “Commercials and promos have long been mixed to be louder than programmes, which has led to increasing levels of loudness compliance legislation worldwide. We developed eFF to aid the meeting of compliance standards and The Mill and Beam use this with confidence in their various tapeless workflows.”

Emotion’s eFF is rapidly gaining traction as essential software for MCR, non-linear video editing and on-line finishing suites; and an integral part of any broadcast or post production facility that supplies file-based content media.


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