Special prize for climate change film


MARTIN CHEMHERE writes…The World Has Malaria, a one-minute film by Resource Africa UK, recently won a special COP 17 prize in Durban, where the prize was awarded by Connect4Climate.

Shot in Simanjiro District, Tanzania, the film is a short edit of a longer version. It shows how climate change impacts rural Maasai communities in northern Tanzania and how they use a community-managed conservation area as a means of adapting to and alleviating the impacts of climate change.

Produced by Resource Africa UK in collaboration with TNRF and UCRT, the film is directed by Max Thabiso Edkins, Astrid Westerlind Wigstrom and Abraham Lengine. Writers of the film are Edward ole Philipo, Lengine, Westerlind Wigstrom and Edkins.

Says Edkins, “I believe the film was awarded due to its innovative, participatory nature. It was made by community members for a community audience.’

He maintains that the award has helped bring the Climate Conscious Programme’s achievements and those of their partners and the communities they have worked with to an international climate change audience and given recognition to the participatory filmmaking process.

Since 2010 Resource Africa UK has won four climate change / environmental film awards and a further four photo competition awards.


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