MWASA comments on SABC appointments


The Media Workers Association of South Africa (MWASA) welcomes the appointment of Mr Thami Ka-Plaatjie to the Board of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) as Deputy Chairperson as well as the return of former GE: Public Services, Ms Lulama Mokhobo who now becomes the first woman Group Chief Executive of the SABC.

The appointments come at the beginning of what MWASA hopes would be the beginning of genuine stabilisation of the public entity after years of crisis-management and unsustainable levels of opportunity costs. We had noted that the SABC remained in ICU and this will be the case for some time. It is however critical and crucial that the SABC recovers from its catatonic state of arrested development and charts a way forward towards becoming the beacon of hope for the millions of South Africans and an inspiration to the population of the continent and beyond.

This will only happen if there is sufficient integrity and commitment to shared- values, passion and thought-leadership at the helm of the National Broadcasting Services Provider (SABC). It should be emphasised that the SABC remains a public asset and not the sole preserve of a few. As such working for the SABC is in effect public service and the principles of public service must be upheld at all times.

MWASA positively looks forward to better cooperation with all who support the regeneration and recalibration of the SABC and we commit to upholding the values and virtues of a relevant, responsive, accountable, transparent, participatory and inclusive public broadcaster.


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