Life in the digital living room


The National Screen Institute (NSA) of Canada has released an interesting infographic called “The Digital Living Room’ which details viewing habits of Canadians over the past year.

Congress switched off the analogue broadcasting signal in June 2009, a move which has seen the significant rise of the digital video recorder (DVR) with its ability to timeshift programming.

According to the NSA study, 48% of DVR primetime programming is played back on the day it was recorded, with 88% played back during three days.
Nielsen listed the top DVR genres (on the rate of playback) and found that science fiction is the most popular, following by sitcoms, drama, variety / reality and evening animation.

In October 2011, 201.4 billion online videos were watched around the world with the global audience (aged 15 and older) reaching 1.2bn.

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