Getting into the studio


Panasonic’s new HD studio camera, the AK-HC3500, was created for direct-to-air broadcast applications and is equipped with exclusive image processing and colour reproduction functions for the highest quality in 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i image acquisition.

The high performance AK-HC3500 camera features three 2/3′ 2.2-megapixel IT-CCDs with an advanced single-channel transfer system, 14-bit A.D converter, an advanced 38-bit digital signal processor LSI and spatial offset processing for exceptional sensitivity. Its digital signal processor also features a dynamic range stretch (DRS) function that assures detailed, high quality images even when shooting scenes in a high contrast environment.

With a dedicated eight-type LCD colour viewfinder (AK-HVF931A), fibre channel compact CCU (AK-HCU3550) and a remote operation panel (AK-HRP935), Panasonic now has a complete studio system line-up.

The AK-HC3500 produces quality HD images with the ability to control skin tone and smoothness in real time. Its high sensitivity (F11 at 2000 lx) for low-light shooting and low vertical smear, coming in at less than 130dB, is perfect for quick capture and control.

Say Christian Sokcevic, director of Professional AV Europe at Panasonic: “The AK-HC3500 is a first step into the studio business in Europe which will be followed by further developments. In the mid-term we will not only offer a portfolio of products but also system solutions for the studio and live production industry.’

When configured for studio use, the 4.7kg camera has convenient features that include a backlight on the rear operation panel for improved operation in dark settings, an adjustable, slip-resistant shoulder pad for stable EFP shooting and an SD memory card slot for storage and retrieval of various camera settings.


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