1st African Student Film Festival


The first edition of the African Student Film Festival, scheduled for September this year in Lagos, Nigeria, is calling for submissions until 31 May.

The festival is a Nigerian initiative born out of deep concern for the future of the continent in order to protect Africa’s cultural values and also to promote them to the international world.

Thus, the African Student Film Festival is designed to be an annual Pan-African event targeted at discovering, encouraging and rewarding emerging talents among young filmmakers. The festival also places emphasis on skills acquisition and project development for the overall growth of young and aspiring filmmakers at micro, macro and medium scale basis.

This festival will foster Pan-Africanism and will help participants in collaborating with other filmmakers across the continent. Also, it will help them to raise funds for their films.

For more information visit www.africanstudentfilmfestival.com or email Raoul Tchana on raoultchana@africanstudentfilmfestival.com


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