Evoxe-Quantel integrating newsrooms


At IBC Quantel announced the integration of its Enterprise sQ systems with Evoxe’s NIS4 newsroom computer system (NRCS).

Using the MOS protocol the Evoxe NIS4 NRCS integrates seamlessly with Quantel Enterprise sQ production systems. This includes NIS4 requesting placeholders and receiving MOS-IDs; informed by Quantel when clips have arrived for those placeholders; passing news rundowns to Quantel to playout; and rundown updates from NIS4 quickly updated on the Quantel system. All these actions are performed as background tasks as the news team prepares its stories using NIS4.

For clip preparation NIS4 operators can access Quantel’s new QTube technology. QTube is an exciting new development that enables global broadcast workflows to be created. It delivers instant access to live assets with frame accurate editing from anywhere over the Internet. A NIS4 operator can open a QTube window to preview a source clip or edited timeline as part of the news production process.

Combined with the existing NIS4 channel scheduling, media asset management, multi-channel creation and re-purposing and archiving capability, this advanced Quantel integration offers a new level of functionality for modern newsrooms.

“We are excited and pleased by how quickly Evoxe have been able to integrate their NIS4 newsroom computer system with the Quantel Enterprise sQ production environment, and use the QTube capability,’ said Steve Owen, Quantel director of marketing. “Within hours of arriving at our labs the systems were successfully integrated and operational, proving the quality of the NIS4 solution and the ease with which NRCS systems utilise the power of Quantel technology.’

“The integration with Quantel worked first time, which illustrates the experience that Quantel and Evoxe have with newsroom operations and how systems should best integrate for powerful workflows and highly reliable operations,’ stated Jan-Willem van Dalfsen, director at Evoxe. ‘This further proves that our NIS4 newsroom computer system is leading the market in flexibility, scalability and reliability – at a price that is attractive to all sizes and types of newsroom.’

SCREENAFRICA Print Magazine – November 2011 (view here)


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